What is Connect the Cultures

Connect the Cultures is the world’s only cultural awareness project focusing on the Middle East.

My name is Sabina and I’m the founder of Connect the Cultures. I’ve lived in three countries in the Mid East – Israel, Egypt and the U.A.E. It is through the lives I’ve shared with the friends I’ve made and the families I’ve been welcomed into in this region that I realized it is possible to get to intimately know and understand people of cultures very foreign to your own while living in their countries. It is possible to share their lives, absorb their cultures and become a part of their world.

I want to help the world come to understand the people of the Mid East like I do by reading their stories, thoughts and opinions, by learning what they have to say about their lives, cultures, religions, experiences and beliefs, by listening to whatever else they want to tell the world. People not native to the Mid East but who are currently living in or have in the past lived in the region also share valuable outsider insights here. My Egyptian partner Joseph and I contribute our perspectives and experiences as well.

Especially in light of increasing Middle Eastern Arab and Muslim populations coming into the Western world, we want to raise awareness and help people connect. The Middle East is not comprised of just one kind of people – rather it is a vast region of innumerable different cultures with their own lifestyles, traditions, values, religious beliefs and practices as well as varying dialects, dress, food, music and more. Most people have very little contact with or understanding of the people of the Middle East and, more often than not, are filled with misunderstandings. Connect the Cultures wants to help people understand.

Some of the early posts on this site are short, primarily because the people featured in them were not comfortable saying much, as my project was very new. Recent posts are longer and more involved, as people have come to better know and understand Connect the Cultures and are more comfortable and confident in sharing.

Becoming aware of other cultures can help us understand why people say what they say, dress as they dress, and do what they do. Understanding other cultures can help us tolerate, accept and like their people. Connecting with people of other cultures can lead to friendship and even love.

If you want to contact us, please write sabina@connectthecultures.com.