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I Had to Build My Future With My Fist

I had to face all the challenges, to build my own future with my own fist.

There has been the deepest of suffering in this life. Suffering from being alone, being a slave of others. But it has made me learn how to be a man of the strongest attitude.

When I was a teenager in 2004 I lost my mom and gained the responsibility of two young sisters and one brother. The whole family, they told my dad we have to push them out, put them in a children’s home so you can start again with a new wife and a new family.

But he wouldn’t get rid of his children. Instead, he told everyone that he would help his kids succeed more than everyone’s greatest imagination. He wanted to show everyone that his children could be the best that they could be.

However, my dad did walk away from us for one year. And he returned with a wife who wanted us kids out of the house.

Instead, my dad put us into a great school. And when I graduated, I was the number two student in my whole governorate. Still, when I began university, all the family was saying I was not a good person to be in unversity, that I would fail. They called me a loser. I just stood up completely after all of these challenges, that I’m a loser and I’m bad a person, I couldn’t be in college or be a good person.

I graduated university the tenth highest in my class. Then my family started to change their stories, to say I’m the best son they have ever known. It was too late. I did not accept it.

But I did find a destiny of love, to marry a foreign person. We are now married for three years. Now I am trying to leave behind a hard life but a great dad, to support and build my family with the one I have chosen to complete my whole life with.

In the end, thanks to the life that let me have hard moments and build my own future, it let me be older than my age. It taught me to be a logical person.



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