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Thoughts on Life by a Young Woman Living in Palestine

Life is a chance, chase it!

From the first breath we took in this life until the last breath we’ll take, the in between is full of chances.

When we came to this world it’s our chance to live and live well. When we meet people it’s our chance to know them and to make friends, to share with them part of our life and to spend with them amazing moments full of peace and love. It’s our chance to get a place in their heart and to leave a positive impact in their life.

In the different life stages, the concept of the “chance” is different. That is what I realized through time passing and changes of stages in my life, even though I’ve lived in this world only 21 years.

What exactly let me realize what I’ve mentioned above is seeing and hearing people’s stories as well as situations that happened to me, I haven’t discovered the value of things in this life as a “chance” until I got the feeling of losing things and people. I didn’t realize the value of health and life, until I saw one of my relatives suffering from cancer which ended with death. Then I realized that it’s my chance to keep healthy and chase every moment with happiness and kindness with people around me as much as I can.

And it changed perspective of thinking concerning life and what it contains. When I couldn’t do well in academic drawing class in university and my teacher told me “you may fail,” I lost hope in that moment and I felt that I’m a loser. But when I returned back to my house and practiced hard, then I succeeded. After that I realized the worth of working hard and chasing the chance of free time, to invest it with something worthwhile which means a lot to me.

So many chances , but those two situations have had the most effect on me and taught me lessons that help me as long as my life is going on. I know that other people or even perhaps you yourself may have faced a situation harder than I faced, but the important thing is to take it as a chance to make your life better. There is dawn after darkness , so we always must take things easy and be positive, to turn sadness into happiness and to turn failure into success.

I hope you all stay in peace through your journey in this life.

By: Haneen Owda


Haneen Owda, a young woman from Nablus, Palestine in a green coat and green hijab, writing in a notebook


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